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Shape-up your space and get started on the most exciting rental platform in the world!  Let us show you how!

We evaluate your property

We meet you at your property in order to take a look at it and its potential. We shall then consult you on how to make it suitable for listing on Airbnb! Simple ideas, changes and improvements based on what you can afford now and later! So you can start hosting people from all over the World!

Lets fix it up!

We can also design & renovate the space for you, based on your and our ideas, and your budget! So it can be ready for listing as soon as possible! Simple and straightforward.

Details Details Details!

Its all in the details! Let us show you how to add these little "here and there's" so that it does make a difference. So guests will choose your space over others!


We can also run it for you, from finding the right people, getting them keys and support while they are staying at your place. Lets talk about it!

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