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Minimize your energy footprint!



Evaluation of your Property

Our engineers will inspect your property and record several important aspects of its energy performance. The lights you already have, the windows and much more. The data is then analyzed so we can consult you on what's the best value for your money, improvements that will indeed make a difference!

save money with Eco-friendly solutions!

Power Consumption | Be SMART

We can design the balanced energy management for your property. 


Choosing ther right lights that consume the least possible while providing us with the effect we desire. LED-type bulbs can truly make a difference, they offer much to take advantage of. 

Heating and cooling programming in coordination with other balancing methods can help reduce your bill!


Energy Performance Evaluation

Its becoming more and more important to live in a low energy footprint flat or work in an office where energy is consumend wisely! In Greece, every apartment needs to carry an energy certificate, a measure of how well it preserves energy. Our engineers can take care of this process for you professionally.

ThermalBreak Windows

Windows bring light into the space, they lets us view the world and step out to breath. But they also allow cold & heat to enter or leave the space. Having the proper windows installed is among the top measures one can take for energy-proofing a flat, residence or office. They also minimize exterior noise coming in!


We shall consult you on what you can do about it, what system to choose and to benefit from the energy associated energy savings. 

 Heating & Cooling Systems

Probably the most important aspect of preserving energy, is to start with the source of energy generation. Choosing the right system to heat & cool your space is a key factor. Inverter airconditiong units, natural gas systems are the most predominant methods nowadays.  Monitoring the way they work is also very important. 



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