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Architectural Design etc.

We can design it for you. Be it a residential or office project, a concept store or anything else that needs study.  From architectural concept to detailing, furniture design and fit-outs, mechanical & light design to structural engineering, we have you covered! New build or renovation of existing structure, our design services will meet and exceed your expectations


Browse our project sections to get an idea of what we have so far worked on.


Construction & Contracting

The Company undertakes the construction  of new or existing projects (renovation), such as residences, office and retail. We have succesfully implemented a wide array of projects in the last decade. So we are confident we can deliver yours!


Renovation & Remodelling

Renovating an existing space can be tricky. We have the experience to do it the right way. Your way. Based on your budget and needs, we will work closely with you to design & deliver what's will work for you.




Decoration & Interiors

Choosing the right items for your residence or office, can sometimes become a messy process. Our interior decorators will assist you with this so that your money will count towards the space you have dreamt of. 


Maintenance |Repairs | Retrofications

We provide trusted solutions  for most repairs, from roof-top water & thermal insulations,  to structural retrofication using state-of-the art methods and top performance materials.


Project Mgmt | Consulting

Our role as project managers covers a wide area of much needed services we can offer to our clients. Our presence gurantees fast-project delivery, all through properly organized project environment.

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